Radio Frequency Identification System

·When you bring your registered tag close to the lock, ID matching is performed for the ID number from the tag.
·A maximum of eight tags can be registered from among a huge quantity of possible ID numbers.
·Identification and matching are performed by a special protocol, so it is hard or impossible to use a false tag.
·Identification and matching are indicated by the LED lamp.
·Contactless operation worry-free of wear like with a magnetic card.
·The tag usage does not require electric power from a battery cell, so cell replacement and related maintenance are not necessary.
·Simple design, requires only insertion of input/output connector to connect

·Input: DC12V 1A (when using LE-240-P)
·Output: DC12V 0.8A
·Operating temperature: between 0°C to 50°C
·Output time: About 10 sec
·Reading distance: 20mm (perfect prerequisite)
·Avoid using the product in outdoor installation or in places where it is exposed to water splashes and the like.
·Do not create continued instantaneous power suspensions.
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