Our organically friendly titanium series and anti-bacterial series have multiple uses in health-promoting settings, from sports centers and high-tech medical equipment for difficult treatments to care facilities, advanced ambulances and mobile healthcare units.

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Health / medical equipment

Antibacterial safety color Handles

FA-662 ·Prevent from getting moldy and bacterial and shut ...

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Cremone Bolts

·Surface attachment type : It's easy to install. ·Easier ...

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Flatbed pushcart

The flatbed pushcart (transport cart or lightcar) adopts a ...

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Flush Handles

·The handle for the sliding door. ·The sickle lock type ...

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large sized fasteners

catch clips, It's large-sized and durable and suitable ...

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retractable pulls

Embedded / retractable pulls folowing the SEMI S8-0701

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super clean hinges

A plastic bushing (side grade) is used for the shaft, so ...

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