We have worked together with our customers to research and develop specialized functions and technologies, including surface hardening and drill-resistant caps, to protect valuable equipment, including vending machines and automated wicket coin locks, from theft and damage.

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Vending machines, amusement equipment, parking

Butt hinge

The butt hinge is a typical type of hinge. It is important ...

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Change Key coin locks

·The key code can be changed as needed, for example when ...

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Colorful Handles

·The lock comes standard with the TAK60, a new-style ...

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Key switch with solenoid

The key switch with solenoid is a key switch with a ...

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Level adjuster

The level adjuster is a fitting to adjust the height of the ...

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Operator key switch

The operator key switch that incorporates microswitches can ...

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Plastic Bit Locks

·Made from lightweight resin. ·Easy-to-install push-in ...

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Rotary Pulls

Pushing the button pops up the grip. (A-174-P type) ·It's ...

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