Change Key coin locks

·The key code can be changed as needed, for example when the key is lost or the area supervisor changes.
·The key code can be changed easily by inserting the old change key into the keyhole, turning it 45° and removing it, and then locking the door with the new change key.
·As only the specified key can be used, up to 21 changes by area are possible with a single cylinder, ensuring extended use.
·The bias cut of the key (pin recessing in the corner) makes duplication difficult.
·A wide variety of key differences is ensured by the 135° 13-pin alignment.
·The cylinder head is protected by the baked spherical inner cylinder, preventing forcing of the lock by drilling or vandalization.
·Keys are made at the direction of the customer. (Keys are sold separately.)
·Key can be removed only when locking so you don't fail to lock.
·Material: Main body: Outer cylinder: Free
cutting brass bar (C3602BD)
Inner cylinder: Stainless steel (SUS baked)
Key: Brass plate (C3713P)
·Finish: Main body/Key: Chrome plating (MBCr)
Base price