Antibacterial safety color Handles

·Prevent from getting moldy and bacterial and shut out unpleasant smell.
·Keep antibacterial effects for almost semi permanent periods.
·Installation is same as the safety handles for airtight closure FA-602.
·New appearance thanks to the dressing cover.
·Safety mechanism is incorporated in the lock and padlock so door can be unlocked from inside by operating the safety push rod. (FC-701/FC-702)
·Can also be locked with the lock pin (FA-662-P)and long-neckpadlock (C-555-30/35).
·For both left-hand and right-hand use.
·To prevent the growth and smell of bacteria, mold etc.
·The antibacterial effects last semi permanently.
·Installation is compatible with the catch FA-602S for FA-602.
·Design is brand-new with the dressing cover.
·Installation screws are hidden to prevent crimes.
·With oblong hole, the engagement position can be adjusted 3mm front and rear.
·Offset height can be adjusted by loosening the catch screw and sliding it.
·The emergency escape device can be attached to prevent the trouble with shut-up.
·Two installations: use the installation part A for the emergency escape device and use the B for surface attachment.
Base price